Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sexual Freedom

What does "Sexual Freedom" mean to you?

That's what a friend of mine asked me in an email I just received today. He is doing this as part of a survey for a larger project.

This guy is pretty big in the Leather scene and goes all over the country teaching people different techniques in leather.

I had the pleasure... and pain of being on the receiving end of his skill a few years back. Remember this posting? Well, he was doing the demonstration section and needed someone to demonstrate on. Yup, it was I, who got roped in (pun intended).

It was pretty kewl. I had done some kink before, but being worked on by a master of the art was a new experience. He demonstrated the different ways to stimulate the body using different abrasive items. He also used hot wax and how to do it properly. Later that week, the two of us made plans to get together. We were at a sex party, where I ended up hanging off the ground on a cross. I was covered in wax, shocked with electricity and set on fire...not in that particular order.

We were the most popular attraction that night.

So when someone like that asks me, "describe what "sexual freedom" means to you". I had to really think about it.

I answered with a haiku

Sexual Freedom
Mind, Soul and Body Unite
In Self Expression


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:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Geez. I'm too vanilla to be reading this!!!

*covers my eyes and keeps reading*