Saturday, December 01, 2012

World AIDS Day 2012

It's Dec 1st, the international day to focus our collective attention to AIDS, the terminal disease caused by the H.I.V. (human immunodeficiency virus).

To celebrate this day, I am wearing a t-shirt from my past when I started doing AIDS prevention presentations in high school. Yes, I was in high school and the shirt was from my group, the Peer Resource Center, where teens educated each other! I'm glad the shirt still fit!

On this day, I think of this disease and all the friends I have lost over the years. As well as my friends (new and old) still living with it.

I'm glad that technology has advanced to the point where people are not dropping like flies, covered in purple sores and such, but the truth of the matter is that people are still getting infected!

We know where the virus is in the body. We know how it can be passed from one person to to the next. The question is why are people still putting themselves at risk for contracting it?

Please please please practice harm reduction. If you're HIV negative and are sexually active, use a freaking barrier, and get tested regularly for HIV and other STI (sexually transmitted infections).

If you're HIV positive, do everything you can to stay healthy. I love you and want you around as long as possibly!

Friends may come and go
leaving memories to stay
Happy World AIDS Day!


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