Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Today was a crazy day. It's only Wednesday and it is crazy! There was a gun scare at the hospital a few days ago and today, there was a bomb scare! Thankfully, nobody was harmed in both situations, but I'm wondering if this is the new "normal" around town.

So as I'm winding down having dinner with my friend Scott at 611 Supreme and I realized that I needed something more. I needed retail therapy!!!

We finished dinner and headed off in search of a dress! Why do I need a dress you may ask? I mean, it's November 7. Halloween is over. Did Howie forget his sanity pills again?

No, it's for the Red Dress Party!!! The annual event held here in Seattle (and Portland) where everyone wears a red dress to raise money for deserving organizations that do HIV education, prevention, etc. It's happening next year in February 16 and if I don't start looking for a dress now, I might never find a dress that fits me (and of course looks fabulous!)

This is not the time to procrastinate! I am on a mission and I WILL SUCCEED!!! I head off to my favorite thrift store and happily found several dresses that I think would be perfect for the event. Of course, I won't be showing any pictures of me in it, until the day of the event :)

Retail therapy,
May make your wallet lighter,


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