Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spore's here and I'm getting it... NOT!!!


I find a wonderful man and we're now dating then he takes off and leaves and goes to Bali for two weeks!


Believe it or not. What I miss most is his laugh. I mean, I love everything about Drew, but what I miss most is the way he laughs. He sent me an email while he was in Hong Kong for a layover. I wasn't expecting it and it brightened up my day. I replied, but he probably won't get it till he can find another place to get on the net and check his email.


Drew asked me several times before he left, if there was anything I wanted from Bali. To be honest, there isn't. I'm the kinda guy that loves to shop and buy the things that catch my eye. If someone wants to get me something, it would be great if it's something that I'll like, but I'll definitely appreciate it, because that person was thoughtful enough to think of me. THAT's what matters most to me, the thought and not the item.

Efren, because of our being together for such a long time, has gotten to know me very well and knows what I would like and has given me some great gifts in the past.

I hope to get to that level with Drew, but that's going to take time.

In the meanwhile...

I am trying to keep myself busy and stay out of trouble. So far, I've been successful, by just going to work, stay at home and hanging out with friends that are in couples. Seeing people in couples, helps to remind me that I'm part of a couple now as well, we just happen to be apart currently.

I was really excited when I found out from a gamer friend that the game Spore, was almost here. I had been looking forward to this game for close to 2 years and now I can finally play this fantastic game.

Silly, so far... the only thing I can go on, are on the write-ups about the game, but nothing on the game itself. I mean, I know a lil about the game play. I've seen some screen shots, but nothing else. So I decided to do a lil bit more digging.

I found the information I needed on a CNet article. I was really excited about the game after reading the article and went to Amazon to do a pre-order. Something stopped me from completing the purchase, so I just left it in my cart. While I was at it, I also dropped the game guide and the DS version of the game. I wanted to be able to play it at home and while I was out and about!

Finally, the day came and Spore was being shipped out to customers. I decided to check out the comments from other people and was totally shocked by what I saw. A lot of people rated the game poorly! I had to find out why of course and saw that it was mainly due to the DRM and/or the 3 game limit.


I'm the kinda gamer that plays several games. I love and have played with practically ALL the games from the Final Fantasy series. To date, I've actually completed two of them... purely by accident! I love level building and ended up beating the final boss by mistake. I was that powerful! So a game like Spore was perfect for me, except for the DRM and 3 game limit!

There is no way in hell I am going to lower my protection on my computer, not with all the virus and other nasty stuff out there on the net, plus I have a limited storage space because of all the games I play. I need for any game that I buy, something that I can actually PLAY! Sadly, I don't think I'll be playing Spore anytime soon. Maybe if EA changes their policy, I'll change mine. Till then, I'll be playing with all my many other games, currently, I have over 12 characters on City of Heroes / Villains on several servers, Civ 4, and KotOR on the PC, and many others on the PS2 and DS.

Oh, I also just bought tickets to see Janeane Garofolo, who's doing a comedy show here in Seattle. She's so funny!

So that's what I'm going to be doing as I wait for my Drew to come back to me :)

Sleepless in SeaTac
Playing games to spend my time
The leaves start to turn


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