Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

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I should've known better.

My mom called me up last night and after chatting for a lil bit, I told her that I had to go take a shower and go to bed. I was out all day and was really tired from the lack of sleep from the previous night and all the walking around I did today.

She didn't mention that it was the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival! So happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival folks! In the past, I would get a mooncake and that would be that. My favorite is the lotus seed version without eggyolk or nuts. I'm going to have to go into ID (International District) tomorrow before work and get one.

These suckers are really filling, so I'm sure I can have it for lunch... and breakfast :)

If there are any MMORPG and Sanrio fans out there. Hello Kitty Online is now accepting folks for beta!

That's my secret wish... to be a very cute cartoon character that makes you spend all your money on useless cutesy stuff :)

I'll kill the bad guys with kindness or something like that :)

Sweet little moon cake
Made with love, kindness and lard
Sits HEAVY in me



Mark said...

mmm. i'd like to just fuck that asstil your eyes popped out. pull out and decorate that tattoo. can you give us a shot of the tatt? now i gotta go rub one out

AiYahh said...

Wow! my very first skanky comment :)

I wonder if I should be happy?

Thanks Mark :)