Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I sometimes wonder if the stress that we feel is all in our minds our a product of life in the current modern world. Last night, I bought a plane ticket back to San Francisco for October. It's my cousins wedding and I had promised my mom that I would try to make it down there to attend. What really upsets me, is that I was talking to my mom on the phone Sunday night and mentioned that I was going to get tickets. She responded and asked me what I was going to give as a gift.

I'm like, "My cute ass!"

Isn't the fact that I'm making a trip down there from Seattle, my presence enough of a gift? At that point, I mentioned that I'll just take the money I was "going" to spend on a plane ticket, split it in half, spend one half on a present and the other half on myself! Save myself the bother of a trip!

I guess the fact that with the fuel prices rising, plane tickets are also pretty expensive now and it's getting to me. I thought about just renting a car and driving down, but if I did that, I'll probably end up sleeping through the wedding AND the reception that follows. Now THAT would make a great impression and probably get my ass kicked out of the family by my mom.

So since I've resigned myself to attending the wedding AND giving a gift. I decided to look online and see what the happy couple wants to celebrate their lifetime together.

Hmmm... it doesn't seem like they haven't registered at ANY store. I checked the major wedding and gift stores and can't find them! Now, I understand that my cousin and his fiance have been living together for some time now and probably already have everything they need, but this really bites for people (like myself) who are almost forced to give gifts.

My mom (and all her siblings) are apparently pretty old school. They just give money. The problem here, is that, I don't do that. I never done that and just give money. I have always tried to give thoughtful gifts to the happy couple. So with no idea of what they want. What is already at their place. Blah Blah Blah. I'm going to have to see what jumps into my line of sight in the next two months, since the wedding is on October 18.

If I don't see anything. I'm just going to get some books... for him "The Multiorgasmic Man", both of them "Kama Sutra", and something to help them on his and her technique. Of course, I'll probably throw in some massage oils (to help with the fun), a few feathers (so they can get nasty) and a chicken (so they can get really kinky).

Of course, all this stuff means that I'm going to have to check in my luggage. I can always buy the stuff in San Francisco, but I won't have much time to go shopping for it, since I'll be flying in on Friday night and the wedding is on Saturday.

Maybe I'll just give them a chastity cage for him and her and give each of them, the key to the other's lock =)

The wedding bells toll
Rings exchanged, the rice is thrown
It is baby time!


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