Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's finally Spring!

I woke up kinda early this morning. Not a bad thing all together, but it is Saturday and since I have no reason to wake up early, it sucked.

So, lemonade outta lemons time right? I went into the kitchen and decided to grab breakfast. That's when I realized that I ate the last of my homemade granola yesterday! Oh well, time to make another batch. So I whipped up a batch, adding chocolate chips and cinnamon to the mix this time. I offered some to my roommate John, then went to change into some clothes. I was totally naked at the time.

I came out catching John with his hand holding more of my new granola. I think I've got a winner with this batch.

I got the original recipe from Cook's Illustrated and it contained, walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut, raisins, honey and molasses. I added a cup of semi sweet chocolate chips and a 1/2 teaspoon of my yummy kick-ass cinnamon (that I bought in Napa Valley and never got a chance to use).

I think I have to get more ingredients, cuz with this batch, I'm out of almost everything! Good thing I'm going to Costco later today.

Speaking of which, I'm getting a new bed today! I'm currently waiting for Scott to come by with a van, then we're hitting Ikea to look at some of the bed frames. Then it's off to Costco to pick up my new memory foam mattress!

Those mattresses are the best, you can lay in it and won't be disturbed if someone else gets on the bed. Not that I've ever had that problem of course :)

So it's finally Spring here in Seattle. My allergies have been telling me that it's Spring, but it's actually really bright and sunny now! Heck, even the birds are singing! It was kinda pretty while I was shaving my head.

So the birds are getting it on during the day, while I plan on getting it on tonight with two hot tops!

Yeah, I'm planning to have a 3-way tonight.

So if anyone sees me walking around at the Green Festival tomorrow. They'll probably notice that I'm going to be walking a lil bit funny!

I was going to go to the Green Festival today, but I need that bed more. Also an interesting thing happening in Seattle... the Dalai Lama is in town for the five day "Seeds of Compassion" event. I plan on showing my comPASSION tonight to those two guys (who ARE going to the event today).

Spring is in the air
Life and love meets compassion
Oh look, a rosebud


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