Sunday, July 08, 2007

Proof that this town is crazy

So I finally went back into the the gym this past Friday. I hurt my toe changing a lightbulb back on April 8th and since then, have not gone into the gym. I mean, how crazy is that? I live in a three story house and of course the lightbulb that burned out was on the very top ceiling over the stairs. I do have an extension thingie to change lightbulbs but it wasn't long enough, which required me to stand on a ladder that wasn't stabilized very well. So there I was, up on a ladder that was half on the stairs and half on a suitcase, all steadied by my 70+ year old mother. It was an accident waiting to happen. Where's my sitcon damnit!

There were two bulbs that went out and I changed the first one without any problems. It was after I changed the second one when the accident happened. I had finished changing the lightbulb and was stepping down off the ladder. Now remember, I had just changed the lightbulbs so it was still dark. So when I stepped down to the stairs, I misjudged the distance and once my first toe touched the step, I placed my whole weight down on it. The toe of course wasn't able to support my whole body and I went down.

There was a lot of pain and after a while, I was able to isolate it to just my toe middle left toe. Since I didn't see anything wrong with it, I limped on and went about my business. Later on that night, when I noticed that the toe had swelled up and was now the color of an eggplant, I rushed to the emergency room.

X'rays were taken and three doctors looked at it. An ER doctor, a Radiology Fellow and an Attending. Two of the doctors saw nothing wrong, but the third, the Attending, did. I went on crutches for the next few days, then switched to a Orthopaedic boot for two more weeks.

Long story short, I haven't exercised for the two months after I hurt my toe and I decided to go back to the gym on Friday. I took a BodyJam class with Matty. He's my favorite gym instructor and I try to take his class whenever I can. Why is that you say? It's because he's got that something special going on. Yes, he's a hottie and very easy on the eye, but he's got this great ability to really motivate me in the class, and that's why I keep going back.

This time around, I think I must have overdid it. I was able to do almost everything in the class. I found that I really can't do jumps very well without pain, so stopped doing that during class, but what a workout. By the end of the hour, I was no longer dancing as I used to do, and was just marking the moves, and pretty much taking it easy, because that was all I really could do. I was wiped.

My body was in pain. Everything was sore. I think my sores were sore. Geeze that sounds disgusting. It's like little tiny sores were squirting out something, or something like that. Ick Ick Ick.

Speaking of sores, I woke up and found a pimple!!!! The weird thing was, it was on my inner thigh on my left leg. I had a body pimple!!! I need to scrub my body like crazy now with loofa or something, I can't have pimples popping up (hahahaha get it, pimples *popping*) all over my body.

So I needed to do something about this sore body. I decided to get a massage and it's frustrating! I guess I'm naive or something, but when I see non-sexual in a massage ad, that's what I expect, a non-sexual massage. I went to a massage once that was supposed to be non-sexual. I didn't have much money and the guy advertised a non-sexual massage $60/hr. I said "great". I have to say, the massage was pretty good, but things got weird when the massage turned sexual. I am not made of stone. When a cute guy is touching me all over my naked body, there's a pretty good chance that I'll pop (this word is SO going to be my favorite word for a while) a boner. I didn't expect that he was going to massage my cock as well, or do any of what happened afterwards. We ended up making out and he wasn't using his hands to massage my cock anymore. I have to say, I did enjoy the sex, but I didn't want it and wasn't looking for it. So although I had a nice massage and the sex was great, I don't think I'll ever call this guy ever again.

So where does that leave me? I am pretty wary of all massage ads now. I looked in all the massage postings and couldn't really find anything that I was comfortable with that was in my price range. After a full day of looking, I broke down and decided to try Eros. Eros? You're probably wondering WTF? Eros is a sex club here in SF. Yeah, strange, I know, but Eros is also a day spa and has a great non-sexual massage practice. So I called them up at 2AM to make an appointment for the next day, which happens to be today.

I explained to the Eros staff on the other line the whole situation and he suggested that I go with Jay. I said sure, I looked him up on the massage staff page and saw that he was trained at National Holistic Institute. My friend Tho also graduated from there and the training there is amazing, so I was very comfortable with my selection of Jay as my massage therapist.

I'm home now, and I have to say, Jay did an amazing job releasing all the tension that I had in my body! Best of all, no sex! It was kinda odd, since this was a sex club and I could hear some sounds of sex going on, but I didn't have sex during my massage. Don't get me wrong, I definitely felt like there was sexual energy between Jay and myself, but that's as far as it got, and I'm really happy for that. If I were in a situation where I could play around with others, I would have no problem trying to get into Jay's pants (or vice versa, let him into mine). Jay is a total cutie!!!

At the end of massage, Jay taught me a way to stretch to release more tension and gave me his contact info for if I want him to do an outcall apart from the spa and have him come to my place, but I don't think I would ever do that. I don't have any space here at my place that would be conducive for a massage. What with my sister and nephew being here, I would never be able to have a room or space for that without someone barging in. So I have to see if he has a private studio or I'll just have to see him at Eros again.

We're always, Seeking, Searching.
But never, Finding.
Till we stop, Looking.


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ronn said...

I don't know. I'm like a teenager and don't think I could get a massage without poppin' wood. Har!! Of course, I've never had a massage, so maybe I could try.