Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's time to mosy on up

So, I finally gave notice to my supervisor at work yesterday that I'm leaving work. I think it may have come as a surprise, but since I had told a few people about the possibility of my leaving, I wouldn't be surprised if she already knew.

She had called me into her office to discuss the plans for what to do in my office since a new doctor is coming to work here and we're going to be playing a game of musical offices. It's started with the moving of one person's office, which will allow for us to clean it up, paint it and basically make it ready for the next person to move in. The trick here, is to do it two more times in the space of a month and a half.

As part of this meeting, I was informed that I would be supporting this new doctor as one of his new administrative assistants. At that point, I knew I had to tell her that I was leaving.

I found that after I told her that I was leaving, it felt like I had this huge weight lifted off of me. I have a concrete date (September 4) really looking forward to it. I originally wanted to take my last day off as a vacation, but I was told by human resources that I had to work on my last day. One good thing, is that by working one day in September, my health insurance will be covered till the end of October. It's like getting two months for the price of none. I mean, how much work am I really going to do on my last day? I hope that a new person is hired by then and I will be spending all my time training him/her. If someone isn't hired, then I can see myself being worked to the bone creating accounts, trying to contact Accounting (again) to pay some bill that's slipped through the cracks, or answering another call from a user who has forgotten (in some cases, never known) their password.

So I took my first BodyStep class yesterday and the teacher was Matty. He had his own bittersweet (his words) announcement to make as well. He has been trying to get hired as a Trainer of trainers for a few of the Les Mills Body Programs and he got the job! So that was the sweet, the bitter part is that, the job is located in San Diego, which will require him to move at the end of this month!

This announcement actually is good for me, because since he's training Trainers all over the West coast, it means that he'll be going up to Seattle, where I'm moving to! So I'm really happy Matty got this new job. Of course, it also means that I have to find a gym up in Seattle that has the various Les Mills Body Programs. Oh goody, I found two!!! Pro-Robics has two locations and it looks like one might be near my new place. I just did a search and YES, the gym is two miles away from my place, practically next to University of Washington! This gym has BodyStep and BodyPump, which is great since I do both. Things are looking really great, since Matty is a trainer for both of them, how cool is THAT!

This actually solves one of my moving issues. I was trying to figure out what gym to join after the move. Now I know which gym and where it's located. This is more incentive for me to get a job working from home or near UW, to make sure I go to the gym.

Hey, I've been a gym member for years now and proximity to home and/or work has always been a huge factor in how often I work out. I found that if I have to travel too far out of my way just to work out, I end up making too many excuses for myself not to work out. By having a gym nearby my work or home, I can go more easily and make working out part of my lifestyle.

Strangely enough, my friend Lee, saw me right after the BodyStep class and she said that I looked really good. It made me feel great at first, but I started wondering if it's because I actually put on some weight. Maybe I'm too skinny? Oh, one thing I found out from taking part in the Project T Study, is my body fat. I have a bodyfat of 12%. I know that's pretty healthy, I just have to stick to what I'm doing. What I'm eating and not be too hard on myself when I'm not feeling great and really hate what I see in the mirror. On those moments, I have to look at myself and tell myself that I'm healthy, attractive and gosh darn it, pets love me. Ok, maybe not All pets, but most of the pets that I've had the pleasure of meeting so far.

A one and two and...
Steps to a whole new body.
Three and four, now turn!


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