Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why can't I sleep tonight?

Well, it's now 3 freaking O'clock in the morning on Sunday morning and I can't freaking sleep. Now normally, this would be a bad thing, but in this case, it's not. So what's different about today you ask? Well, it may be because there is so much that is happening.

First of all, it's super instructor (and resident hottie) Matty's last day here in San Francisco. He'll be teaching his last two classes later this morning and then heading off to San Diego afterwards.

Here is a mini video of his last day at Sauce.

The lovely folks at Sauce made him a PENIS cake!!!

I have no idea how they got his measurements to get such an exact replica, but I'm sure he enjoyed the experience *grin*.

Sadly, I'm going to be missing out on this and said my goodbyes on Friday after a great BodyJam class. Who sez I don't hug people when I sweat?

I'm spending my precious morning volunteering at the San Francisco Marathon. I'm going to be handing out water and electrolyte drinks at water station 11 along the route (17th and Wisconsin for all the folks not running in the marathon). This is mile 22 1/2 out of the 26.2 miles total. My station is the last with electrolyte drink and second to the last for water. Check out the map yourself for a more detailed look.

So now we get into the reason of why I'm up so early. The race starts at 5:30AM and I have to be at my station at 6:15AM. We're to expect the first runners at 7:22AM. That means the first runners would have ran 22 1/2 miles in less than two hours! We're talking about serious world class athletes here folks.

I've decided to wear my olive green shoulder bag with me today. Inside will be a few energy bars, my DSLite, reading book, sunscreen and a microfiber towel, cause I'm going to be wet!

From handling the water of course LOL.

Ok, ok, it may also be because my boyfriend Scott, is also running in the marathon. I so love seeing him all sweaty and panting. Something about it just turns me ON!

So I'm supposed to wrap up at the station by 12:30PM. I plan on meeting up with Scott and take care of him in his post race exhaustion. Once that's taken care of AND if I have any energy left, I might head on over to the Dore Alley for the "Up Your Alley" Street Fair.

Last year, I took part and did a chest and nipple play demo. The pictures can be found here.

So I'm not sure if I'll go and if I go, I'm not sure what I'll find there, but whatever happens, I'm sure alot of people will be tired out and sweaty today!

Running in circles
An absolute truth, hits me.
Sweat is good for you


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