Sunday, November 12, 2006

Somewhere over the rainbow

I'm here in Seattle on my last night up here. I'm sitting on the couch watching Stargate Atlantis SG-1 with my boyfriend besides me. I have about 1/4 glass of really good syrah that I opened earlier tonight to share with two new friends that came over here to have some really yummy thai curry that my boyfriend made for all of us.

I should mention, that this is the second bottle of wine. The first was a Chard that I had picked up at the local Whole Foods that was supposed to make it over to a friend's place for dinner one night, but never did, so of course, it stayed here and was opened tonight.

So, since the boyfriend made din din, I cleaned up. The two guests had left, two very nice guys, that I hope to spend more time with when I come back up here to Seattle.

I had a great time up here in Seattle. Of course, it got rainy. This was my fifth trip here and it's the ONLY trip where it got rainy. Just my luck, all my other trips up here, the weather has been great! This time around though, I got to experience the famous wet Seattle weather and I still got to do some things that I wanted to during my trip up here. I was able to really get a sense of what life was like up here. I got to walk around and walked to University of Washington, Seattle (UW) several times and around the campus. I walked around the U District Shopping center which isn't very far away from UW, but of course, I had no idea where it was until Scott took me there walking from UW. I ended up in Pike Market twice and on the second time, I was trying to go to the Asian Art Museum, but since I wasn't able to find the bus there, I decided to walk since it really wasn't very far (to me) and ended up just spending time walking around Capital Hill, Seattle's gay district.

I realized that I was in the gay area when I saw the rainbow flags. Funny thing, the rainbows were on street flags and nowhere else! It was kinda on the one hand, refreshing, but on the other hand, kinda sad, that the rainbow has become the symbol of what defines "Gay" on the one hand and on the other to have that symbol need to be legitimized by a public agency, but not by the population.

One of the things I was looking for on this trip was to see where I fit in, I don't think I fit in on Capital Hill.

When does a rainbow.
Isn't really, a rainbow.
But an illusion.


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