Thursday, November 02, 2006

October Photoshoot

So I did a photoshoot in San Jose in mid October with Zedneram Photo Studio.

The photographer, Desi, found me through an online website that had a lot of people in the business. I was actually kinda blown away that he wanted to take my picture after seeing his work. But he insisted and this is what came out of the session.

All of the pictures are on Flickr. So since some of the pictures are of me nude, I'm only going to allow friend contacts on Flickr see those. All the other pictures can be seen.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these pictures, but I had a great time taking them, although some of the shots weren't the most comfortable. Desi was a great guy and really cared about me, so those shots were very quickly taken, so that I am not in those positions for too long. Unlike the time I live modeled for a drawing class. Now THAT was an uncomfortable session. I had to do some weird poses and keep them for long periods of time. Thank god for the breaks in between!

The following are some samples of what's in the set.

The whole set of pictures can be seen here.

Enjoy :)

Life is just snapshots
All moving along forward
Ready for close-up?



Efren said...

you're a dork!

Love you :P

celia said...

love the pics, you look great! is that a barong you're wearing in one of those shots?

AiYahh said...


It is a barong, I bought it years ago because I was going to some formal function with the husband. I thought it would give me a different look for the shoot.