Wednesday, November 22, 2006

(Almost) Time to gobble gobble

Another year and it's time for another Thanksgiving.

Of course, this is a purely (United States of) America(n) holiday. This event usually takes place on the fourth Thursday of November, so the actual date moves around. This time around it's a lil bit earlier in the year.

So what's the big deal, what's it all about?

Well, supposedly, the original pilgrims arriving to this land (notice I didn't say country) having just arrived and not knowing how to care for their own needs, ran out of food. The natives of this land (the American Indian) shared some of their bounty with the poor pathetic saps and the poor saps returned their generosity by introducing new diseases and illnesses, taking their land and killing their people and decided to celebrate the event around this time every year. oh wait all that bad stuff didn't happen till much later.

so for now, let's keep it all nice and sweet, the Indians shared their food and the Pilgrims survived the harsh winter.

Let's all go kill a poor defenseless non-flying bird, the turkey. Some folks like ham instead. I just had dental surgery, so I'm probably not going to be eating much of anything, not that I'm going to be eating much this time anyway, since I'm vegetarian.

So in the spirit of this season, since I'm not going to gorge myself silly with food or drink, I'm going to be very capitalistic and just spend lot's of money. I'm planning on having a light semi-liquid meal and head off to the midnight madness sales that start at, you guessed it, midnight tomorrow.

I plan on shopping all night going from one store to another and will probably be finished around 9AM.

I hope my credit card can handle it!

Now, I give my thanks,
Thanks to those that come before,
and the ones after.


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