Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm still stuffed!

So, Thanksgiving came and went, but I'm still stuffed like there's no tomorrow!

To be honest, I really did not eat as much as most people, I just satisfied my shopping needs this past Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving, I went to Cutlet House and had a very non-traditional Thanksgiving meal. You know, non-traditional Thanksgiving meals are happening more often than not. So I guess I was having "MY" traditional Thanksgiving meal. I had curry fish balls for an appetizer, walmon smothered with corn sauce and washed it all down with Hong Kong cold milk tea.

Yummy Yummy Yummy!

So after eating, the time was 10:00PM. It was time for me to get down to the Gilroy Outlet mall and do some serious shopping! The malls were trying to fight back this syear and started a "Midnight Madness" sale, to compete with the big box 5:00AM Black Friday sales.

Hey, it worked for me. I and a gazillion people made our ways to the stores and shopped till we couldn't stand anymore.

As our car approached the Gilroy exit on the freeway, we came to a standstill. There was a mile long back-up! The time was 11:30PM I wondered if there was any chance in hell I'm going to make it in the mall in time for the midnight opening.

We pulled into the mall and seeing so many cars already there, pulled into the nearest parking space, which also happens to be the mall building housing Banana Republic. One of the three stores I was hoping to hit tonight.

Coming up to the store, I noticed that there was a huge line in front of me. I thought "This couldn't be the line in, could it?". To be safe, I asked Stkyrice to line up and I'll go find out what the line is for. The line WAS for Banana Republic! There were hundreds of people, almost all Asian, waiting to spend money and get BR crap! The reason of course is this.

Multimedia message

Thanks right, 40% off the entire store!!! That's 40% off all ready marked down outlet prices!!!

I think I just creamed myself thinking about it.

So yeah, as soon as I stepped into the store, which took 45 min by the way, I went into turbo shopping mode. I already knew my size and I scrutinized everything in front of me for first color then, if I liked the color, I'll pick it up for fabric, liking that, then look for my size. It's a pretty quick way to shop, no need to try on anything. If I find that it doesn't work once I get it home, it's become somebody's Christmas present.

Another 45 minutes passed since I entered the store. That's when I noticed the line to the cash register. Damn me it's long! Not surprising, but I didn't really think about it, but if there's a lot of people going in, a lot of them will be in line paying. I asked Stkyrice to line up while I did some last minute shopping around the store. I was able to pick up a few more scarves and loads of boxers with cute lil prints on it. I might have to take pictures, once I get my camera back from Seattle.

The register line took about an hour, but I was there! Now the pain starts. My bill came out to be over $450!!! I couldn't afford this AND go to the other stores. Then I realized, I don't have a Gap credit card! I asked if I could open one up. I could! So I opened one up then and there, and got 15% off on top of it! The new credit card paid for the whole thing so I could save my money for the other stores.

Speaking of which, since we spent so much time in BR, there was no time to waste, we had to get over to Best Buy and try to get some cheap computers and DVDs. We rushed to the car and over to Best Buy. It only took us about 5 minutes and as we entered the line, which was around the store now, I saw people that were just arriving that I saw from the BR line! I said hi to them and mentioned that I saw them from BR and we all chatted. Hey, it was only 2:30AM it was going to be a long time before we were let into the building at 5:00AM and it helps to have people to chat with.

The time passed and the night got colder and colder. Luckily there was an "It's A Grind" that was open and I got a hot caramel apple cider for myself and an espresso for Stkyrice to keep us warm. It became so cold that I couldn't even play my gameboy, because I had to wear gloves and couldn't play with them on. I started dancing around, trying to keep the blood moving.

We found out later on, that the people at the head of the line were there since 4:00PM! I'm like damn! People had sleeping bags, tents and everything in that line! I was jealous for maybe a hot second, but I would have never been able to sleep in that cold anyway and would have much prefered my warm snuggly own bed. I kept dancing.

4:00AM came and a guy from Best Buy came with tickets for a DS. Since there was such a limited amount of certain hot ticket items, Best Buy staff would walk down the line with tickets. These tickets entitled the holder to buy that particular item. I never saw any tickets for the cheap computers. I found out that the first forty people in line took them all! DAMN it all!!!

We entered the store. It was a complete madhouse. The aisles were too narrow, people with way too many items couldn't move. There were lines to everything. You couldn't get a salesperson to help you, because they were already helping a dozen people ahead of you.

I ended up just looking for things I wanted. Stkyrice didn't want anything, so he waited for one sales person to get me my bluetooth headset and I was off!

So I ended up getting some really cheap blank DVDs and DVD movies and music CDs. I'm still happy about it. Poor Stkyrice, was really fading. He waited in the checkout line and once I took his place, he went to the car to sleep.

We ended up going home at 7:30AM I'm normally not even awake at this ungodly hour, but after such a night, I couldn't sleep! I stayed up and finally fell asleep at 9:00PM


Best value for less,
Discounts are great in all things,
But never in love


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