Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is it safe to come out now?

The turkey is finished. The bell has rung and shopping season is now in session.

For people of all sorts, the hottest gift for others, but mostly for ourselves, are the new next generation video game systems... namely the Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft XBox 360.

Reports of rabid game fanatics lining up for hours on end to snag one of the very limited quantities of the PS3 filled the airwaves. Followup stories of those very same fanatics being beaten and robbed of their precious PS3 were not as widely known.

Gamers, while having mad skills in button mashing and pulling off combos in fighting games, stood no chance against the real world punches into their face and stomach.

What's a gamer to do? Should they bulk up? Should they spend some time at their local ninja or kung fu school? Hoping to absorb some little bit of knowledge so they can fight back?

Be serious, of course that's not going to happen. Gamers will go for their guns!

I'm a gamer. I admit it, but I'm not one of those waiting to pay $600 for a PS3. I guess that's why I'm a gaymer. The "Gay" comes first and I WILL wait in the freezing cold to pay $400 for fashionable clothes. I figure that once it calms down, prices will fall back down to something more reasonable and I won't have to fight off anyone trying to beat me up for my PS3.

Buyers of the Wii have an advantage of course. If you buy it here, you'll also get a free pistol and a bag of 1000 BBs!

Wow! Entertainment inside the home and physical protection, all for the low low price of $499.99!

It's a good thing this offer is only online (I think). I could just imagine scores of gamers running through town having shoot-outs, try to show off their quickdraw "skills".

Although... the holidays is known as a stressful time and stress has been known to cause "accidents". If all the really aggro folks start hurting themselves, maybe a brief stay in the hospital emergency room will make the streets a little bit safer for me and mine.

Is this the Armed forces way to get new recruits?

Winter wonderland
Joy and laughter, fills the air
Lone sob, goes unheard


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