Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sleepy yet?

From the pages of the New York Times.

The report is about how some people who take Ambien, are gaining weight. These people are really confused about how they are gaining weight. I would think the empty candy bar wrappers and used popsicle sticks around the bed would be a pretty big freaking clue.

It seems that after taking Ambien, these people would sleep walk out of bed, have a total food binge and then go right back to bed!

One lady didn't connect the dots until after she gained 100 pounds!

I don't know about you, but I notice when I've put on 5 pounds. Maybe it's a gay thing to notice I guess. Seeing myself in the mirror with that extra 5 pounds and I get a huge burst of enthusiasm to get my (slightly) fat ass to the gym and work out.

Now, what's even more scary about this story is that Ambien sleep walkers not only eat while they're asleep, they also drive!

This is getting scarier by the minute.

Even now, I see people in cars, not just driving, but doing other things. You have the very common talking on the phone, reading maps/directions, changing radio stations, disciplining the kids in the back seat, etc. In some cases, I've seen people put on makeup. Now, I can understand someone putting on their lipstick or lip balm. You can easily do that while paying attention to the road, but these people are doing things with their eye! I saw one person putting on mascara, another one curling them, WHILE driving! I pay close attention to these drivers when I see this and make sure there is a HUGE space cushion between their car and mine.

Can you imagine if these Ambien users start driving and eating (or other assorted activities) while asleep?

For all we know, maybe they already are doing just that. It would certainly explain some of the people that I see driving on the roads.

If these people were asleep, it would explain why someone would do anything else while driving.

Sleep calls, day or night,
Hummers in pink tutu's dance,
It's time to wake up!


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