Friday, March 10, 2006

Google learns how to...


Google picked up another website yesterday. This time, Writely, the online word processor. Funny, I have never heard of this site till now. I wonder, why the heck would anyone even need something like this. Doesn't everyone already have Microsoft Word, or some other program to bang out that great (insert random name of County here) novel.

After I had that thought, I immediately had a recent memory pop into my head. I saw myself last night trying to find something to put my copy of Brokeback Mountain. I had just found the text of the story online and wanted to put it in Word.

I looked on my mac...

... and looked,

....... and looked,

........... and looked.

The result? Nothing. I finally gave up and decided to use the crappy text editor that was included with my mac.

I realized that I had Word on my new tablet computer, but not my older mac. Wow! I needed Writely!

I usually write out the text of my blog on the site itself...hopefully, being able to use Writely will clean it up.

or not. hahaha

only time will tell.

Inspiration strikes!
Digital ink, bit by bit,
Our stories, now told.


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