Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Food Diary: Tea for one

Food Diary: Breakfast, originally uploaded by AiYahh.

I normally start off my day with a nice hot cuppa... tea. As anyone (who's checking out my food diary) knows, that tea is usually a nice chinky ornamental green tea that I got from Costco.

Today's tea was changed because my bf knows I love tea and got me this as a present. Apparently, it was shipped and had just arrived. I was wondering what he was so excited about the other night. I really didn't know it was over tea bags.

I'm sipping it as I write this, and I have to say, it's damn good tea. The flavors are very complex yet, very easy to just sip and enjoy.

Which makes me think of some other things I wold love to just lay back and enjoy.

Like a good book.

A backrub.

Sunday morning jazz.

Warm sand at the beach.

A job well done.

Welcome to my world
Take off your shoes, just lay back.
Breathe in, now exhale.


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