Monday, January 30, 2006

Mac N Cheese

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This was my entree. After the warm brie, I had to have something that was just as decadent, so of course, another CHEESE dish!

This dish was melt in your mouth delicious. It's covered with Japanese bread crumbs, then baked so there's a nice crunchy top on it.

Ted at one point said sorry to me. I was too busy admiring my mac n cheese and had no idea what he was talking about. He then told me that he ordered onion rings and was sorry about that. I told him that he had nothing to be sorry about, it's not like I was eating it. He then said that he wanted to offer one to me, knowing that I loved onion rings, but was sorry I couldn't eat it, because of my recovery.

I was still a little confused about the whole situation. I mean, if I wanted to have some, I would order it right? Yes, I do love onion rings and once I recover, I'll have them again. Until that day comes, I'll just be happy with what I can have.

It reminds me of a saying,

"If you can't get what you want, be happy with what you have."

I'm happy.

What is happiness?
A thing, a thought, a feeling?
Or a state of mind?


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