Sunday, February 12, 2006

Food Diary: Chinese New Year Banquet

Food Diary: CNY Banquet, originally uploaded by AiYahh.

This has become a yearly tradition, where I make my way over to Oakland and have a Chinese (Lunar) New Year's banquet put together by my friends, Donna and Indigo.

Today's banquet was held at Shan Dong over in Oakland's Chinatown.

Click on the picture to get to the beginning of the series of yummy goodness that I had tonight.

This was the first time at one of these events, where the whole group was homos!

There's usually some straight folks, so it was a surprise to all of us...including the hosts, Donna and Indigo. Indigo states that this was totally unplanned.

Stkyrice was also there of course and took a picture of me and Michelle (someone I've had a huge crush on for the longest time). She's one of the few people that I would totally go after, if I #1: were female and a lesbian or #2 were straight and she liked guys. But since I'm not and neither is she, I'm happy just admiring her as a friend :)

Stkyrice and I were the only guys there. Something that is unusual, but since there there were no straight couples there, it also meant that the usual straight guys, were also absent. I remarked that they were all at home watching the SF Chinese New Year's Parade. Maybe everyone was actually watching it live!

Someone asked us how long Stkyrice and I have been together. After finding out that we'll have been together for nine years this April, the group made us honorary lesbians!

YEAH! We're no longer the token males! So of course, to make sure we had some male presence at the table, Michelle kindly stepped up and became the token male of the group.

After the banquet, we all headed over to the SweetBooth, only to find out that it was already closed. We then headed over to ABC Cafe for desserts. I was the only person to order anything, but it was okay.

That's where I found out about the Knitting Olympics! Indigo was the person who taught me how to bind off on my knitting projects, otherwise, I would just start something, then never finish!

I had no problems with that, but Stkyrice would get really frustrated, watching me start something, only to take my projects apart, over and over again.

So, in the Knitting Olympics, you start the project during the first day of the Winter Olypics and you must finish the project by the end of the Olypics in 16 days! I had just found out about this, but I had started my latest project, a yoga mat, on Feb. 10th, the start of the Olypics, so I qualify!

Now, the hard part. A yoga mat is a huge thing. My friend Jason, saw me knitting my last project, the scarf, and asked me to knit him a yoga mat. I was like, "Are you sure? Wouldn't you rather have a scarf?" But no, he wanted a yoga mat. He wanted to have the most fabulous yoga mat when he started doing yoga.

He's such a faggot. You gotta love him for it.

So I agreed to make this for him, thinking I had two months, seeing as he was leaving SF in that time. Taking part in the Knitting Olypics has really got me energized. I'm willing to really become a knitting maniac and finish the dang thing by the time the Olypics is done.

Knit, purl, then repeat
Knitting away for the gold.
Let the games begin!


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