Sunday, January 29, 2006

Food diary: dinner with friends

Warm brie. There were things that went with it, but I only had the brie.

I had dinner with Stkyrice, Ted and Noel at Blue. We started off our dinner with an appetizer of warm brie (pictured here) and some nachos (that I did not have). The brie was so yummy as it entered my mouth (between the rubber bands holding my braces together).

It was kinda funny, I have always really liked brie, but never as much as I did today. Being forbidden to have any of the other items on the plate, made the brie so much more tasty. For your information, the other things were roasted garlic, strawberries and toasted bread. Ever want to make a foodie's mouth water, just serve this as an appetizer!

Once my teeth has healed and the braces are off, I plan to come back here and chow down on the yummy nachos that we ordered today. It's really hard to watch people enjoy something that I can't...I admit it, I did get just a lil bit jealous.

Brie melts in my mouth

Flavors flow, magic appears

Making me wanting


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