Monday, June 06, 2005

What a weekend

I started this weekend with a great start. I went out and bought some yummy goodness from Arizmendi (my favorite bakery). Two triple berry scones and two chocolate chip cookies, yum yum yum! Then I had a great D&D gaming session. At the end of our last session, I got hit by a wight (an undead monster, very similar to G.W. Shrub) and I lost a level. I was really scared that my lost level was permanent, but luckily, I drew a card from the Deck of Many Things and it healed me!!! Yahoo! (I didn't do that yodeling thing, so Yahoo folks, please don't sue me.) Very sweet. We took out some orcs and it became a contest of who could kill the most orcs. It was very LOTR. I got two and almost got the last one....missed by one hit point! Darn!

Some of the folks wanted to go to the Eagle (gay leather and levi SOMA bar) after gaming. I was interested in going, but decided not to. Not really dressed for it. I was wearing overalls and a t-shirt. Not exactly the right outfit for a place like the Eagle...unless I took it all off, which I was not inclined to do.

Sunday was nice too. I ran six miles in Golden Gate Park to put in my milege for the SF Progressive Marathon. It's a great way to put in the distance of a marathon, but much easier on the body. So now, I only have 9.6 miles to do before the day of the marathon...the last 3.1 miles are done on the actual day. Had a great run. I decided not to use a timer watch and just listen to my body. It worked out pretty well. At around mile five, my legs were telling me "That's all folks" and so I walked the last mile. It felt great!

For dinner, I made some Greek Roasted potatoes and a salad. Scott made a yummy egg dish with asparagus and marinara sauce.

For some reason, Scott really wanted me to watch Farenheit 9/11. It's a great movie, but it just reinforced what I already knew about the Shrub and all his oil buddies.

I got so angry. I felt like there was nothing I could do and wanted to punch something, rather, someone. This wasn't a good thing. The only person around was Scott and I didn't want to punch him. I told him what I was going through and we talked abour it in bed. He offered to let me punch him, because he felt some responsibility for showing me the film. He's been wanting me to see it for a long time now, since I didn't have any reason not to, I decided to watch it last night. So now I'm really angry, it's late at night and I want to punch something.

I also really hated the U.S. right now. I wondered if I really made the right choice when I became a citizen here. I wondered if it was all worth it? I regreted that I wasn't living in England with my adopted father. Yeah, he was probably a child molester, but at least I wouldn't be an American citizen.

How do you change your life and rewrite the last 30 years?

I still don't understand why Scott showed my the movie. He says that we all have to be made aware of what's happening in the world for when we debate about it with others. I tend to run away from things that I have no control over.

I really wish I had a Weedwhacker last night.

Educate yourself about what's happening in the world, especially with your own government. I'm sick of the whole "Democratic" process here. I left the Democratic party and am now registered as an Independent.

I wonder how hard it is to become a Canadian citizen?

Anger fills my head,
Looking North for some escape
Is any place safe?



sisterartist said...

you wouldn't want to live in canada--too cold!

let's all move to buenos aires.

AiYahh said...

I'm all up for that
cute latino boys galore! :)

Efren said...

well, i wouldn't mind living in vancouver--toronto was just too dang cold...

buenos aires...that's too "happy together" ish for me:)