Friday, June 03, 2005

I miss my grandma

A friend of mine sent me an email with this link in it. (link is in title)


這是以北京某著名雜誌的一個攝影記者的作品,所做的flash。 男生的歌聲充滿滄桑,


After watching all the images and listening to the song, I started thinking of my maternal grandmother.

My grandma passed away almost two years ago. She was 103 years old. Pretty long yeah? Some people would say that she's lived a long enough life. She was the oldest person in the whole village. She used to have three friends and they were the oldest foursome in the area. When Her friends started passing away, my family knew it would not be long till it would be my grandma's time. She lasted two more years. The last year, she barely got out of bed and someone would bring her food and feed her. She had lost her will to live, even though she was surrounded by her family.

But I miss her. I've only seen her once in my life and that was when my whole family went back to China to celebrate her 99th birthday.

I stayed in China for almost a week. It was on the last two days that she realized who I was. That I wasn't my cousin Michael. He was the only other tall (relatively) grandson that she had living in the US that wears glasses.

But I can't forget the hug she gave me when she realized who I was.

I miss my grandma.

Tears of an angel
fell from my eyes this morning.
Grandma, is that you?


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