Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Donna Ozawa's Waribashi Project

Waribashi 1, originally uploaded by AiYahh.

Did you save up your disposable chopsticks?

As I wrote in a previous posting, artist Donna Ozawa has been working hard collecting those disposable wooden chopsticks, otherwise known as waribashi and preparing them to make art.

I visited her early last weekend and she was busy cleaning another batch of waribashi. Apparently, this batch wasn't quite dry and it started to grow mold.


I'm glad to report that I smelled absolutely no mold when I took these pictures. A great thing, because I'm actually allergic to the icky stuff. Another great thing about this project is that besides reusing what is normally considered a "single use" item, there's absolutely no glue or any other type of fastener used here!

This is pure genius here folks. All the shapes found here is using friction to keep it standing up. Makes sense that this project was part of the United Nations Environmental Conference for Mayors that just took place here in San Francisco.

Keep an eye out for the finished version of this project, this was just a preliminary version for the UN Conference.

O Waribashi
Used but once, now born again
Can YOU, say the same?



sisterartist said...

beautiful! thanks for the pic

AiYahh said...


You can see more of pics by clicking on the picture itself.


Chris said...

dude I remember donna's exhibits. It was so ultra cool. Love that concept!