Thursday, June 23, 2005

This isn't Friday the 13th...

or is it?

I'm at work drinking English Breakfast tea. This is the only tea that I add stuff to. In today's case, creamer and sugar. I used to put in Coffeemate's Vanilla flavored creamer, until I found out Coffeemate was owned by Nestle and I do not support Nestle... long story there, which I don't want to go into. But it has to do with baby formula and Hong Kong.

So here I am drinking my tea and checking my email, when I get 6 from one person who I did not recognize. The subject was "Bay Area Bloggers Meet Up", so I thought it was a comment on my posting of it. I checked my blog and nope, that wasn't it. It turns out to be... you know, I still have no freaking idea. The first email was this:
"Hope you have fun at MEET-UP-----------------------------------------------
For reference, your link to this Invite is:"

and it had a link to the Evite. The next 4 emails said the same thing. The last eamil, email number 6 had another link apparently to this guy's blog:
"Blog my bay area blog"

The link didn't work, until I got rid of all the extra characters and found what looks like a community blog for a commercial DJ service.

This is too early for me for this kinda shit.

So I looked up this guy on the Evite list and Bingo! I found him! So I sent him a message asking him not to send so many blank emails...cuz that's just irritating.

I'm soooooo looking forward to tonight. I'm celebrating a friend's birthday tonight and we're going to get her drunk. Not a hard thing to do, cuz she's a light weight and won't be driving, so it's going to be fun :)

If I'm sober enough to take pictures, I'll post them here hehehehehe

forgot to add my haiku *grin*

The Blogger Meet Up
Minds meet up, but did spam too
start this way as well?



Chox said...

That motherfucker sent me about 8 emails...what the hell is up with that?

I'll play my own goddamn records, thank you!

AiYahh said...

You mean I'm not the only person he spammed?

DAMN it! and here I am thinking I was *something special* (said in a Philipino mother kinda tone) :)

Efren said...

just keep trying'll get that Filipina mother tone eventually...

for now, you just sound like a mutha...:)

love you! ;)