Sunday, June 12, 2005

The KRON Blogger Meetup

On the stage, originally uploaded by AiYahh.

Wow, what a day! It was amazing to see all the people at the KRON Blogger meetup. I ran around the studio and snapped some pictures and of course, I ran out of space here on Flickr, so i only have a few of them here to show you.

A highlight of the event is that I was able to meet Chadfox in person. It was while we were all together and having our group shot taken. Of course, some people asked that their camera be used. It felt very much like a tour group or a wedding situation, where it would take forever to take a single picture, because we had to go through a zillion different cameras. Of course, Chadfox beat us all with his fantastic 8 megapixel camera.

I'll post more of the pics once I have more space in my Flickr account.

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Chox said...

you're absolutely adorable. :-)

love the haikus...and your smile.

AiYahh said...



Efren said...

oh brother!

*jealousy waning*

Brechi said...

oh, you met chad fox. i'm jealous.

Chox said...


Seriously...I am SO average and I Ain't All That.

Daigle is who you need to be ooh aahing about.


Efren said...


i was referring to my husband oohing and aahing over your ;)

well, you're cute, so i'll let it slide... :)

Chris said...

lucky bum you get to meet chad.

Is it just me or do you look like you were audtioning for American Idol. :P

AiYahh said...

funny you mention it...I actually joked about it, that we should all start doing karaoke :)