Thursday, June 23, 2005

Am I fresh?

Am I funky? I decided to take a Tickle test to find out

Here's the results:

"AiYahh, you've got a Fresh 'n' Funky style

Vintage tees, old-school sneaks, thrift store treasures. Cool finds like these are part and parcel of your fun and funky wardrobe. With you, it's all about making your own statement and dressing in your own hip and unique style. You might pair an '80s rocker t-shirt with some cool jeans or a cowboy shirt with tuxedo pants. It's all about how you feel that day.

You've got a mind of your own, and you certainly don't need a style advisor to tell you what to wear. And you have great fun on spontaneous and unique purchases — you just aren't going to get a second shot at those one-of-a-kind vintage golf knickers. And that's how you keep your style fresh! "

Okay! Now I don't feel weird (ok maybe just a lil) when I step out of the house.

So you're probably wondering what I have on right now. Ok, I'm wearing a dark blue collered shirt with a rainbow going across my chest (in honor of Gay Pride), black pin stripe jean kinda pants with dark blue Sketchers sneakers. Pretty simple yeah?

Style, is all in what
we wear from top to bottom
but with ATTITUDE!


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