Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wave of Trash

Wave of Trash work in progress 2, originally uploaded by AiYahh.

Ever wonder what would happen if we don't do anything about all the trash we create?

Here's one possible outcome, created by SF artist NoMe Edonna.

This art installation here at the Metreon, is part of the United Nations World Environmental Day conference being held here in SF June 1st - 5th.

All of the materials used here was collected and cleaned by the artist. It was really amazing what stuff we normally consider "trash" can become.

NoMe pointed out some things that used to contain "organic" foods. Even when we try to feed our body healthy food, we are still creating "trash".

Think about that, the next time you hold something in your hand and are about to throw it away. Trash has to go somewhere...eventually we'll run out of space.

That's when a thought came back to me from the past. The three "R"s.




Something to think about.


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