Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Love is a drug

As seen on TV!

The different types of love are all related to drugs and addiction. Romantic love, infatuation, etc. all affect the body in the same way. Ok, I did see this in an episode of "Penn & Teller: Bullshit". They were talking about love, monogamous love and how we deal with it.

It's all bullshit.

The drug reference definitely came up for me, since just yesterday I took the day off work to take care of my husband, Stkyrice. He was having two wisdom teeth extracted and was going to be knocked out during the procedure. Something I really didn't understand, since I had all four of mine out at the same time using just local anesthetic...think lidocaine and novacaine. Two of mine were impacted, meaning that the tooth was covered either with skin or bone. In my case, I had both. The soft impaction (skin covered tooth) was easy. The surgeon basically cut the flesh (hey, we're all flesh puppets) and took the tooth out. Then I had two wisdom teeth that wasn't covered and it was simply a "Look that way", *Yank* situation. The last one, was hard for me. That last tooth was covered by bone, another tooth in fact. So the surgeon had to gently work around it and pretended that he was pounding a hammer into the ground. He had a chisel against the tooth coming out of my mouth, which he would hit with a heavy hammer. The whole situation was very funny at the time. I almost started humming, couldn't really sing in a situation like that, "I've been working on the railroad". The impact of the hammer was really intense. Then once a crack was created, the surgeon was able to drop the hammer and used a small buzzing thing. Don't ask me what it was, I think I closed my eyes at that point to deal with the pain from the hammer and could only hear what was happening in my mouth. The buzzing thing felt like a saw, but must have been a drill. It broke the tooth into smaller parts, three in fact, which he then took out one at a time.

Yeah, some people call me a masochist for not getting knocked out, but I don't like not knowing what's happening, esp. when it's something to do with my teeth.

So where does this lil story bring us to? Well, my husband was getting knocked out and he wouldn't be able to drive afterwards. So I had to take care of him and drive him home.

I dropped him off at the surgeon's early in the morning. It was now 9AM and I decided to go grab some breakfast. I ended up going to this lil place that specialized in croissants on Sutter St. I used to go here all the time for the croissants and really looked forward to it. There were so many choices! I ended up getting a blueberry, an almond and a chocolate croissant for breakfast. I took all three to Union Square and had my breakfast.

I was enjoying the morning. My baby was safe (I hope) at the surgeon's, I had yummy yummies in front of me, I had my tunes (courtesy of my IPod Shuffle) and I had the newspaper. I should've known that something was going to happen.

It came in the form of a little deceptively innocent bird. The fiend made a pass for my croissant as I put the yummy morsel in my mouth! It kept flying at it and wouldn't let up. I eventually finished it and left a large crumb, which I then tossed to it. The bird took the crumb and left. I thought that was it and went back to my paper. Then the lil sucker came back with friends!

I spent the rest of the time fighting off birds. Good thing they really were "bird brains" and only went after what was in my hand. They never went for the last croissant in the bag!I finished the second one, the almond one. There were a lot of crumbs in the bag, so I turned it over and gave it a shake. Crumbs dropped out like crazy. The lil birds got their fill and eventually left me alone. I was able to eat my chocolate croissant in peace :)

I went back to the surgeon's and had just sat down when I was called. I was given the aftercare instructions and then led inside. In the chair was Stkyrice. He was obviously out of it. His eyes were open, but he wasn't seeing anything. I asked him how he was and he said he was "Okay". He got out of the chair and was very woozy on his feet. He had a hard time with stairs and nearly fell when we had to walk down one stair. I decided that we were going to use the elevator at the garage. He was very cute as we made our way to the garage. I could tell that everything was a wonder for him. He kept saying how this was wonderful and how he wanted to be knocked out again. I just kept laughing. He asked what he could eat, several times. I don't think his short term memory was really working. He also asked about his medication, several times. I felt like I was talking to a child with a very short memory span. I answered his questions each time. He had three drugs, Ibuprofin, Vicadin and Amocycilin. The first two were pain killers and he only had to take them if he wanted to for the pain. The last one, he had to take until it was all gone. Regarding what he could eat. I told him that he could only have cold soft foods, like pudding, jello, ice cream and yogurt. He said he wanted juk (Chinese porridge). I told him that I asked about that and was told that it was hot, so he couldn’t have it today. I was told that the heat would cause the tissue in his mouth to expand and it would cause more bleeding in his mouth. The surgeon later gave another reason, that because his tongue was numbed, it may get burned from hot foods.

Stkyrice was very cute this whole time, very affectionate and totally adorable. We got a drink for him at Starbucks. He was still unsteady, so I tried to look for a chair he could sit on. All the chairs were taken or “claimed” by people. So I had him hold onto a table to stabilize himself while I got the drink and paid for it. The workers were looking at us funny, but who cares, as long as they give me my drink. I didn’t feel like explaining things.

We make it home and I set him up in the living room on the couch. He kept asking me what he said or did. I find out that he doesn’t remember anything, from the time they stuck him with the needle to about the time we get home.

I told him that he was very cute and did everything he was told. Now why can’t ALL husbands be like that!



Efren said...

good lord! why couldn't i remember any of this? it sounded like i was having a blast, and i don't remember any of it at all!

thank god i have a husband like you--lord knows what would've happened if i were with someone else!

love you! mean it!

King Anarchy said...

This is so sweettt...