Friday, April 29, 2005

What's American

Funny discussion I had with my co-worker.

He knows I'm vegetarian and a huge tea drinker. He has been drinking more water, in order to lose weight. I think drinking a lot of water is just great for your health.

This guy tells me that I'm going to be proud of him. I asked him what did he do? He told me that he's having a hard time drinking diet soda. That he would have to drink lot's of water to wash it down. That he somehow lost the taste for soda.

Here's the kicker.

He continues drinking soda, because it's the AMERICAN thing to do!

Wow! Just think, all the people all over the world drinking soda (otherwise known as pop or sodapop) are American!!!

I never knew that! That question wasn't on the application when I became a citizen. Hell, I thought the hardest question I got on that exam was "Who is your senator?". But "Do you drink soda?" never came up.

Back then, I did drink soda...7-Up (yours) baby!!! New York Seltzer was my favorite during my high school years. I never had a taste for Coke, Pepsi or any other cola. Although I did have a vanilla Coke at Lori's Diner, back in the day (yeah! another chance to say it).

Of course, I have to have my A&W rootbeer float. I used to get those every morning on my way to school. I would also get a brioche from the "Briochery" (it's gone now *sniff*sniff*) next door. I was 14 and already having a multi-culti AMERICAN breakfast.

So I started wondering, what else is American?

Well apparently, stealing is American. Look at the current (cuz he's not mine) Prez, the Shrub. He stole the election the first time around, so stealing must be American.

Excuse me, I have to go steal something while I guzzle my soda.

Oh wait! Maybe I can just go steal the soda!!! Genius!


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