Monday, April 04, 2005

What's in a name?

I decided to see what I would find if I googled my name,

I might update this list once in a while.

Here's the listings I found that are actually linked to things I've done in the past.

My letter in support of Martha Stewart.

UCSF = Radiology - Web 1000 Support
My current job here at UCSF

Here I am in the middle standing.

This posting is about my marriage to stkyrice

A listing on Stir TV about our marriage. Happily Ever After

Finally, a posting that has nothing to do with the marriage.

There was something for support for that conscientious objector Stephen, but the link was broken.

Here's something from my past work in the Dept of Public Health.

Wow, another job listing.

Oh! Scary, see if you can find my name in here. There's two versions, pdf and html version.

here's a version on MisterSF's site.

Ah, another work related actual article online.

and another one

Wow, something about my running or walking in this case, I'm #177 in my age group :)

Here's something interesting, my name in "Images" magazine (work related)

here's my over all place #778, I was really taking my time with this one.

Here's an online posting of an article about my marriage

GAPSN also puts a lil plug in their history.

Wow, I found more listings than I thought I would. So if someone were to look at this list, they would think I work way too much and run around the city...stopping just long enough to get married.

Yeah, that sounds like me.



sisterartist said...

what a google list? i haven't been able to click thru everything...but just a few is enuf to show me you're all over the web. betcha can't find me around. i'm trying to stay undercover. =) [sisterartist]

AiYahh said...


you can stay undercover all you want, your fabulousness still shines through.

love ya!

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Funny enough your real name doesn't show up on my site... the most famous you-got-married site of all!!!!! :P

Efren said...

i think my hunny wants to try to keep himself incognito on your site, who knows what kind of weirdos and freaks check out your blog anyway? :)

AiYahh said...

if you notice, even my own blog isn't on this list.

I like to keep some things hidden :)

Efren said... keeping things hidden?

that's a first :)

AiYahh said...

it's true!

deep down, i'm really a shy and reserved person :)

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Yes, you can be shy and reserved... not at karaoke, though!

Efren said...

Hey Ya!!!!!

Heyyyy Yaaaaa!!!!