Monday, April 04, 2005

Cultured grrrrls...

...and fine Whine

This was sent to me via NQAPA (National Queer Asian Pacific Americans) email list (does anyone still remember listserves?)

This sounds like a really interesting project. There'll be cool people, art, music, yum yumms, you'll be supporting a very kewl zine AND you'll be able to tell your friends you were actually doing something interesting and not watching reruns on the Tivo.

Hey! stop looking at me like that, I always watch reruns on my Tivo on Saturday nights.

Wish stuff like this happened in SF *sniff*sniff*


Dear Ladies,

I am a queer mixed blood Filipina who is putting together an exhibit entitled, "Pintadas: An Exhibit of Tattooed Asian Pacific Islander Women".
I wanted to drop you a line to tell you about it for 2 reasons - 1) I'm still looking
for participants in both the exhibit portion and the pictorial layout for my zine, Bamboo Girl (check out my website, and 2) I'm hoping you'll post my event on your website. Any feedback you may have on my upcoming exhibit and Bamboo Girl Zine issue coming up would be greatly appreciated!

Sabrina Margarita
Bamboo Girl Zine

"Pintadas: An Exhibit of Tattooed Asian Pacific Islander Women"
Saturday, April 16, 2005
Arena Studios
407 Broome Street (between Centre & Lafayette)
Bell 7A, 7th Floor
212.447.0603 /
F train to Broadway/Lafayette
* Exhibit runs from April 16th through April 30th (by appointment only)

The exhibit is entitled, "Pintadas: An Exhibit of Tattooed Asian Pacific Islander Women". The name pintados comes from the name the Spanish gave the inhabitants of Panay Island of the Philippines because of their tattooed bodies, and the word pintadas marks the female aspect.

In this spirit, the evening will include a photography exhibit of tattooed API women from the West Coast to the East Coast, Canada, and in between, as well as a live mic portion where some of the participants will relate the stories behind their tattoos & their identity. This exhibit is an unprecedented event. In addition, there will be luscious wine & chocolates served throughout the evening!

This exhibit is being held in the gallery space of Leda & Carrie of Arena Studios. Leda is a legendary performance artist, co-founder of Black & Blue Ball, dominatrix, and fellow tattooed Filipina. Both have been involved in the BD/SM scene for over 13 years. I thank Leda & Carrie for offering their gorgeous space, and I'm happy to be showcasing our art there!

All proceeds will go towards the printing of the next issue of Bamboo Girl Zine, #12, dubbed "The Tattoo Issue". It also marks the 10th Anniversary of Bamboo Girl, the zine that confronts racism, sexism, & homophobia from the Filipina/API/Asian mutt feminist point of view! Come support the work and enjoy the art, chocolates, & wine!

Please spread the word! Thanks!

Sabrina Margarita
Editress, Bamboo Girl

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sisterartist said...

"the neighbor's rice smells sweeter"

so fly out to ny (heh heh)
i miss all the sexy stripper parties in SF. not so sex positive here in NY.