Wednesday, March 16, 2005

i just love a challenge...

Not too long ago. Okay, it's been more than a few months, my friend Scott had an old fashioned sleep over. The theme was "80's Movies". So we watched four movies that were made during the 80's. As an added bonus, we all took a Purity Test at the same time. The alcohol was flowing...I think I was having "Dirty Girlscouts" all night long.

So as the night went on, we found out more and more things about each other. This was definitely a TMI kinda party. You really get to go underneath the chrome and paint to see all the kinky, nasty, funny things people have done in the past and present (and future?).

Since part of the rules (and we all need to have some rules) was that we do not disclose what others reveal about themselves anywhere. So I'm not going to do anything like that. What I will do is reveal some of my answers.

Bare with me, my memory of the night is still a lil bit hazy, it's all those Dirty Girlscouts.

Have I ever kissed a guy? Yes, with many. I AM gay you know.
Have I ever kissed a girl? Yes, as part of a play and when I had a girlfriend.
Have I ever been in a group sex type of situation? Yes, for a while, that's the only type of situation I had.
Have I ever played with sex toys? Yes, assorted dildos (dildie???), balls on string, restraints, etc.
Have I ever done Golden Showers? Yes, mostly me giving.
Have I ever done scat? Yes, always me giving.
Have I ever done fisting? Yes. Both ways *Ouch*
Have I ever done canabalism? Nope, I'm vegetarian.
Have you ever been in a porn movie? Kinda, I've done videos on safe sex that showed flesh. Won second place in a safe sex video contest (SF Gay Men's Safer Sex Video Contest 1995)
Are you a top of bottom? Depends on how I feel and who I'm with.

Ok, that's enuf for now :)

Maybe I'll add to the list, probably when I get drunk again :)

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