Thursday, March 17, 2005


I just saw this posting. So if you're in the Bay Area and bored tonight, check it out. it's only going to cost you the cost of a BART ticket.

I would do this, but I'm already watching "Chinese Restaurants: Three Continents" at the Asian Am Film Fest. This is the second of a trilogy. I saw the first one and it's great, so I can't miss it!

If anybody goes, can you do me a favor and take pix?

Thursday 3-17-05
80's Dance Party on BART
Catch the 8:54PM train (SF bound) at the MacArthur station (get on the last train) You should be able to look up the time this train will get to your station if you're getting on at a different station.

Make BART interactive & fun!
Bring boomboxes with built-in radio. Transmitter will be provided to take over your booty and the public airwaves.

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