Monday, September 06, 2004

Wow, what a great weekend...ok, maybe it's not that great in terms of anything actually happening, but I was able to chill and go to the beach...that makes it a great weekend for me. So I'm easy...sue me...or better yet, gimme a call LOL

I got together with some friends on Friday night and tried to catch "Donnie Darko, The Director's Cut". It was the four of us, Scott, Tan, Dean and myself. We decided to go to a Turkish restaurant (which I can't remember the name of right now...I blame all the drugs I've taken over the years *grin*). The food was yummy! I ordered spinich pastries and a mushroom pide...a kinda pizza/calzone type of deal and chai. The Turkish chai, not the Indian stuff. They bring it to you in these cute little cups and saucers and was way yummy...just have to remember to wait to sip it...dang thing was HOT!

To be honest, we thought that the movie wasn't going to be very popular, so we didn't get tickets ur tickets beforehand if you can...don't be like us. We got to the theater and found out it was sold out. We didn't want to do a midnight showing because we're all old, so we bought tickets for the next day.

Saturday, my friend from work Hanh and her husband Ted came over to my place. Hanh is pregnant and I was giving her my rocking slider chair and ottoman. I originally bought it because I loved to read while I was on a swing...and this chair was great for that. Since I've been living with my sister, she's been using it. First to nurse her baby, Justin, now to hold clothes. I thought it was time for someone else to get some use out of it. The chair and ottoman were in perfect condition...being anal does have it's good points you know :) The same chair and ottoman could be found in Pottery Barn for over $500! Hanh and Ted wanted to pay me something...but I felt silly taking money for it. So I just asked that they pass it on to someone else when they no longer need it. Kinda my way to pass on the good karma. i'd rather that something be used and then passed on to the next person. Getting stuck on money is just plain wrong. Money should be used to make people happy, why let it get you down right :)

We invited Hanh and Ted into our place and gave them a tour. They got to see all the mess, mine and the Justin's hahaha They were able to see what's it look like to have a kid. Justin's toys were all over the place! We also gave them tips on how to childproof a house and what we were going through in raising Justin. It felt kinda weird to be able to give out that kinda information...since I'm not the daddy, but I am helping to raise him. Ted and Hanh don't have family nearby, so that makes it hard. I couldn't imagine how I would be able to handle something like that if my family wasn't around. I guess I would be depending on my friends a lot.

If you're reading this blog...consider yourself being placed on my future babysitter list :)

So after Ted and Hanh left, I rushed out to get some French bread to compliment Tan's lobster bisque. Tan is an amazing cook! Whatever he makes always looks and tastes great and this bisque was no exception. I knew the bread I brought had to be good. I would normally go to Arizmendi, but I didn't want to deal with the lack of parking, so I headed to my second favorite bakery and it was on my way to Ted's office where we were gaming...Noe Valley Bakery. I got some organic sour dough, bread sticks and for dessert...cherry chocolate bread. All the bread was great, but it was the cherry chocolate bread everyone fought for. Good thing that we were all friends and we each got a slice. We had to cut up the last two slices, so everyone got an extra piece.

D&D went surprisingly smoothly. My character was more brazen...a possible change in attitude??? In our last session, we lost one of our companions. He was a NPC, but to Kobort (that's me), his death was a hard blow. What's going to happen to the carefee, naive little halfling...only time will tell.

We saw the movie after our session and it was pretty good. If you haven't seen Donny Darko yet...go see it. It's a time travel flick with a nice twist. I won't spoil it for you, you'll just have to see it for yourself. I didn't see the original, but the people that have, tell me that the extra scenes and the remastering of the music made the movie even better.

I spent all of Sunday running down Market Street and the Ferry Plaza looking for hearts. When I get them all, I'll post them somewhere.

Efren asked me why I'm doing this...personally, I think he just wanted something to complain about. It was really hot and he needed something to vent about. I told him that I thought this heart idea was a wonderful project and it's going to disappear in a short while. I wanted to record what I can and share it with others, so that people can enjoy them in the future. I don't think he believes me and just thinks I'm crazy. Maybe I am....just ask my friend Scott :)

Sunday night, Tan, Scott and I head off to "Trannyshack vs. 1984". It's the 3rd anniversary. We went last year and had a great time, so for this year, I wanted to dress up a lil, so I went kinda sorta glam. White shirt (top buttons open of course), black pants, purple fingernails, pinkish red lipstick, subtle purple eyeshadow...I love doing subtle drag...don't you *smile*

The shirt I wore was actually from 1988! It was part of my uniform from when I worked for Mrs. Field's Cookies. That's why I'll never eat anything from that store btw...I know too much about the food....brrrrrr

Efren thought I looked like a freak when I came out of the bathroom...I told him where I was going, and he said I looked perfect. I love him sometimes :)

Tan and I picked up Scott from a Chinese wedding banquet. I actually knew the groom. He and I went to school together many years ago. So, there I was...totally glammed up walking into a Chinese wedding banquet. Boy, I wish I had a camera. The looks of some of the people were great :) We found Scott, met some new people and I congratulated the groom. I don't think he knew what to do with me. It was kinda weird being there. There were people I knew from my past and here I was, all glammed up. I didn't really feel comfortable, but that's the only way for me to break out of that act normally :) Tan was right by me the whole time and loved the reaction from people there, mostly ladies. We left and after Scott changed out of his suit, we were off to the club.

Trannyshack vs. 1984 was fun. The crowd was fun; the music was great. The line to get in was horrible. I should really take up smoking or something, just to kill the time while I'm waiting in line for clubs. Another reason NOT to smoke! I've never smoked a cigarette in my life and don't plan on starting. It's one of the worst things you can do to your life and smells icky. An ex of mine who we shall name "Spridle" smoked. We dated for over a year and up till then, that was the longest relationship I had ever been in. He was also the first person I fell in love with. Maybe that was it...I was in love. I was able to accept his smoking. In fact, the smoking left a taste in his mouth that I found "tasty". Imagine that, licking the bottom of an ashtray "tasty". Yeah, I was in love.

At the end of the night, I dropped Tan off and then headed to Scott's place to drop him off. It was already about 3AM and I was TIRED. Scott asked if I wanted to spend the night and I agreed. There was no hanky panky...we just slept in each other's arms through what's left of the night.

Scott woke me up and told me that Tan was on his way over. What the heck happened to the night? If felt like I had just fallen asleep and then it's morning. The three of us were headed for the beach...Baker Beach. I had actually never been to this part of the beach that Scott was taking us too, as it wasn't very accessible and you have to climb down some pretty steep cliffs. We get down there and it was only 12:30PM so there was actually a lot of places we could set up. The eye candy was definitely better on this part of the beach hahaha

We set up and Scott goes down to his birthday suit. I'm a lil on the shy side and kept my swim briefs on. I got this pair while I was in Hawaii. When I was trying them on...I started getting a hard on, I knew I had to get them. :) Tan had on board shorts.

The weather was great! Nice and hot. I jumped into the ocean a few times and had a great time just floating around. Lot's of cute guys around. I went back to rest and Scott helped me put on some sunscreen. While he was doing my back, he worked my briefs off of me...the next thing I knew, I was buck naked! OH well, we are in a nude beach :) So I told Scott that he's going to have to put sunscreen down there too. And he did...


Chris said...

Hey hey howard. Guess who it me Chris. Great seeing you on Saturday. That was a lot of fun. LOL. Well my blog is over here So hit me up there. See you later!

AiYahh said...

It was great bumping into you Chris. Efren and I thought you were on a date with Andrew, that's why we didn't stick around much.

Hey, great blog btw...i can't believe u've been blogging for such a long time!