Friday, September 10, 2004

Catch (part 2)

So, I was so upset about what happened at Catch on Wednesday, that I went to their site and complained.

This is what I wrote:

"Thank you for the worst dining experience I have ever had.

After being seated, our server never showed up. We were left alone for
over 15 minutes. We could see no reason for thie lack of service. The
restaurant was not busy and several tables were empty. Yet our server never showed up.

You complete lack of service has proven to this diner that our business
will be much appreciated elsewhere.

We will never go back to your establishment."

Please note the very obvious typos and grammatical errors! Yes, I was livid and didn't care to read over what I wrote...something everyone should do before hitting that "send" button!

So, I checked my email and got this from David Weiss from Catch:

"Howard and Efren:

I am sorry for your experience. Please let me make this bad experience
into a good one. Which evening did you dine? Please forward your mailing address
and I will send you a gift certificate for two persons.
Our service is usually attentive. Somehow, you didn't get it.

Again, please accept this as our mistake and let us make it up to you.
Thank you,
David Weiss

I have no idea if this is damage control or if David really wants to make us happy. I've gone ahead and sent him a reply with my mailing address. Waiting to see what kind of gift certificate he is offering to us. I really want to see if Catch really cares about their reputation...right now, it's horrible.

In the meanwhile, I still like Bagdad Cafe more, and on Wednesdays, they have a special, where you can get a bottle of wine for $10, if you also order two food items! My current fav is the "Poi Zin". The wine is usually too warm, so I let it cool down at the table. After that, the wine is fantastic!

Ok, so I'm a lush *hic*

Sue me :)

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