Friday, September 10, 2004

Today is the anniversary of Efren's mom passing away. He wrote something about this and I posted it here in a previous entry Online thoughts of a Gay Chinese guy

To be honest, death is still really hard for me to take...Scott just lost his mom recently and I'm dealing with my grandmom's passing away last year.

I'm just trying to deal with it day by day and at the same time, helping people around me deal with their "pain"?

Efren told me that he wanted to be alone tonight, so I am getting out of the house and watching "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" and then it's off to Scott's place for our 2nd 80's slumber party, zombie edition. The movie on the menu is "Night of the comet".

We're also planning to play Truth or Dare tonight...I'm just looking forward to more "Dirty Girl Scouts". A drink Jen turned me on to...yummy yummy yummy

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Chris said...

awww have a blast tonight okay??? And my condolences to Efren's mom.