Friday, February 11, 2011

(Happy?) Anniversary Mom

I am here at work and to be honest, I'd much rather be somewhere else right now.

It's amazing how we go from one holiday to the next, without skipping a beat. Can we truly celebrate all the individual holidays fully, when we're bouncing around like a pogostick!

We just finished the Lunar New Year, some people are still celebrating and now we're already celebrating Valentine's day! I'm totally guilty of this, since I planned something for Sunday and already gave my boyfriend one gift.

So why am I sitting at the chapel during my lunch time alone?

Maybe, it's because I wish I had my mommy, who passed away one year ago on this date.

Before she passed on, she made plans and set it up so that someone from temple will pray for her, but I really wish it was me dammit! I'm such a bad pseudo-Buddist/Taoist/Whateverist, I still don't have an alter set up at home, and I have no idea where I can find a temple here in Seattle!

So I sit.

With my thoughts,

In an empty hospital chapel.

My love for my mom, filling up the spaces between here and there.

Each tear falling from my eyes full of hope and joy that my mom is not in any pain and is watching over me and my relatives.

I love you mom and miss you terribly!

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greyking_1980 said...

Bless you. I wouldn't know what it would be like to lose my mom. I love you so. How are you? Love Jae