Friday, March 12, 2010

One month anniversary

I used to laugh when I see couples celebrate their "one month anniversary". It's kinda cute how they make such a short time, a month, have so much meaning, that it is significant to their happiness.

But I think I understand now. My mom passed away one month ago yesterday. I see it as the milestone it is. I am starting to escape out of the pain and hurt and malaise and can start heading towards life.

If I lived in San Francisco still, I would be visiting my mom's grave today. But I don't. So I just have to make due by thinking of her in my heart and mind, since little memories of her keep popping up whenever I do anything or stop to think.

Mom bought me my wedding ring. The marriage is over thanks to the California Supreme Court, but I still have my ring. I now wear it on my index finger, so I'll always have something with me, that reminds me of the love you gave to me.

I love you mom! You'll always be with me.

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Haidian said...

Hi.. i just found your blog... and read about your Mom's passing. It hurts. I hope your heart is mending. We don't get over these things, but maybe we can get used to living with the pain.