Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Where do these people come from?

I'm at work, crazy huh? I'm working at a store, and I'm blogging. Not very hard to do actually. It is now 7:00PM and my store is supposed to be closed, but I have one homeless guy (who bought something, so technically, he's a customer) and sitting down. Another customer is looking at our boxed chocolates (she is taking forever and I have no idea what she's doing).

She has already asked me to open up a box since it's wrapped in plastic. I told her no. There is a sign nearby showing the contents of the box.

Why me.

Isn't this the time of year a lot of people commit suicide? Oh yeah, that's Christmas time. But that was only last week, does this still count?

On a bright note, my Christmas was nice and so was my New Year's Eve. Stkyrice came up here and we spent Christmas together and it was my first white Christmas. So of course I had to be out in the middle of it. We're still doing renovations at my place, so I was doing laundry during Christmas. Hey, at least I have clean clothes.

I had to work New Year's Eve. After work, I thought about going out to a bar or club, but ended up playing video games with friends that were sick (and so didn't go out). So we had a virtual New Year's Eve (I was fighting baddies in a mini-skirt) (if I was still seeing a therapist, he would've had a field day with that one).

So the renovations of my basement is coming along. The new concrete floor has dried and some walls are going up. The electrician is coming on Friday and we're going to get an estimate on how much it will cost to do everything we need to have done. So we'll probably get some stuff done first, like the power for the pumps and some lights, then leave the other areas unfinished till we have more money.

At the end of it, I'll be living in an unfinished basement for a while.



Efren said...

it was my first white christmas too, and at least i got to spend it with you.

i miss you, baby...can't wait to see you in a couple weeks. :)

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Happy New Year, darlin.

We miss you!