Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The countdown has begun...

It's finally here, my last week on my job.

So in a few short days (Laborday is on Monday), less than a week. I'll be leaving my current position.

To be fair. I did give six week's notice, so this is not a total shock for the folks here. What's shocking, is that they are going to throw me a farewell party tommorow! What makes it so shocking, is that I am not the person organizing it.

Ok, to be honest, the person who is organizing it needed some help. It was a good thing I helped her. The original guest list had twenty people invited (not including myself). After seeing the lists of invitees, I noticed that there were people I worked with here that were not invited. So of course, I went ahead and invited them, pushing up the numbers another twenty! Time to order more food.

The original list of invitees only had the other Administrative Assistants and folks in my lab. The problem is that I work with many more people than that. Doing projects for other folks in my department and the university at large. It took me quite a while to cultivate these relationships and it was only right, that I got to say goodbye to them as well. Anyway, it's my party damn it and I can invite anyone I damn well please hehehehehe

So on the job search front. I've been sending my resume to any contacts that I had up in Seattle. Hey, when looking for a job, it's sometimes not WHAT you know, but WHO. I've gotten some responses and have already done a telephone interview. I'm setting up some interviews in two weeks. I was getting a lil bit worried, till I got those phone calls. I can't believe how nervous I was! Getting called by some of the possible employers really helped set my nerves at ease.

So wish me luck!

Out knocking on doors
Pounding the pavement again
The job search goes on



Wyatt said...

Hi there.

I wasn't sure if it's appropriate to leave an irrelevant message here...

Anyway, i kinda stumble on your blog through a friend's blog...or was it a friend's friend blog or...geez...

Whatever. Love your blog.

By the way, i'm a Chinese gay from in Taiwan, pursuing my degree (English Language & Literature).

Haha... Will make frequent visit to your blog.

AiYahh said...

Thank you, I'm glad you like my blog.

This is the perfect place to leave messages to me or my blog, irrelevant or not.