Monday, October 30, 2006

Shooting The Messenger

Talk about shooting the messenger.

Isn't it funny how people hate to tell their friends bad news, because when they do, their friend blames them for the bad news!

This isn't quite the same thing, but the blogger who posted Former Rep. Mark Foley's emails to a page was fired for doing so!

Now , it seems that the blog had no connection to Human Rights Campaign and it was a personal blog owned by the blogger. The problem is, is that the blogger posted it using a HRC computer! So when a West Coast blogger threatened to "expose" this blogger if he didn't reveal his political party, the blogger in question went to his supervisors, who then fired him two days later!

I haven't looked at these explicit emails and probably never will, but I for one am glad that they got posted. I mean if they weren't, Foley would still be in office. That freaking lame ass excuse of "I was molested" or "I was drunk" is so much bullshit.

If you were molested, don't perpetuate the cycle of violence and molest other people. If you have a drinking problem, get on the freakin wagon and join AA or something.

Mark Foley is a pedophile , plain and simple. List him as a sexual predator. Make it so that he no longer has any contact with anyone under the age of 18 (the age of consent in the U.S.A.). Get some counseling so that he can get the help he so obviously so desperately needs. Change the page system, so that they can be protected and not abused.

But shooting the messenger, talk about sending out the wrong message. I mean, whose side is the HRC on anyway? Maybe it's time to start thinking about what those little "=" signs mean.

In this day and age

What's black and white, isn't so

Just a lot of gray.


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