Friday, October 27, 2006

Color me Busy

This week isn't even over and I'm already tired just thinking of what's going to happen this weekend.

To start off with, after work later on I'm going to go listen to my friend Blue sing at Tina's Cafe, a weekly support group at Magnet , for folks dealing with speed or have friends that are. I've been wanting to check it out for the longest time and this will be my chance to support a friend as well as satisfy my curiosity.

Then a great big plus for me, my boyfriend Scott is visiting for the weekend!!! He's going to be crazy busy, so the only time we'll see each other is on Saturday night. Speaking of Saturday, my two friends Nelson and Mike are adopting an 18month old son and they're having a home-coming party to welcome the lil bundle of joy at their place during the day. I knitted a baby blue colored baby blanket and found a really cute light up blue teddy bear and will be giving it to BaAn at the party. The blanket was surprisingly easy to knit and I finished it in one week's time. I wanted to keep it simple and didn't put any lace or anything that might come off easily if yanked or tugged on. This blanket is TOUGH! I'm going to be taking my nephew Justin along with me, so BaAn will have new friends to play with. It's going to be fun, as long as nothing goes horribly wrong.

Right after the party, I have to head off to a poly group meeting, being held at Eros sex club. Eros is great by providing meeting space for all these groups to meet. I swear, I come to this club way more now when I don't play around than I EVER did when I was out looking for it! So it's always an interesting scene, since I'm always fully clothed and there are people running around naked or in towels. Of course, the conversations are always great! I give good talk LOL

After the meeting, it's off to hang out with my friends who are visiting from L.A. I hope to hang out at the new mall downtown and hit that great food court.

Which brings us back to the nighttime, when I can finally spend time with Scott. It's a good thing that he's going to be just as busy doing his own thing, because it would've been a problem otherwise.

Sunday will be slower. I'm going to be trying out a brand new campaign and this is going to be our first gaming session. It'll be kinda weird playing a RPG without Scott there, but I'll make it through.

Speaking of RPG, my current fav is the new Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon . Yes folks, I'm officially addicted to that dang game! I have it with me all the time and if I'm not eating or knitting, I'm on the game saving some poor lil pokemon.

That's my game plan for this weekend. Now let's see if everything goes accordingly :)

This is what I'm listening to as I wrote this post.

Check, check, check the mic
Plans are made to go awry
There's no rewind here


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