Sunday, March 19, 2006

My completed yoga mat

My completed yoga mat, originally uploaded by AiYahh.

How's this for a kick in the butt. I just completed the yoga mat that I started back on Feb. 10, (as my entry into the Knitting Olympics) today.

"God, he knits slow!"

I actually have an excuse...I was doing really well and would have finished in time, but guess what? I ran out of yarn.

Seems really silly, but that's exactly what happened. If you notice, the mat is made up of mostly gray and blue bands with a white multi-colored band. The white band was when I ran out. I noticed that I was running out once I started the project and went to the yarn store immediately. The specific yarn I was using was very limited in quantity, so I bought up their entire stock and had to special order the rest.

The kicker, the ordered yarn won't arrive for another three weeks!


So I knitted all the yarn that I had on hand and had to wait for the extra yarn to arrive.

So the yarn did arrive, eventually and I went to work like a mad knitter. I could be seen everywhere knitting (mostly at Cafe Flore). I would just order something and then sit down and knit for hours. I would go to discussion groups and knit. It was getting kinda funny. People were asking if I could knit them cock warmers. I was like "cock warmers? Isn't there already cock warmers around? They're called assholes."

Yes, I hang out in a mostly gay crowd.

So after finishing up the mat today, I called up my friend. Only to find his cell phone disconnected.

(insert dread music here)

Being the kinda person I am, I started jumping to conclusions and thought my friend was dead.

I had to slap myself and start thinking happy thoughts.

(sings "On the good ship lollypop")

No, that didn't work, it just made me depressed.

Ok, ok, I'll just have to hope and believe that he's not dead.

I looked in my phone book and saw that I had the number for a friend of his that he stayed with while he was here. I called him up.

I found out that he was ok, and had just left town yesterday.

I felt really upset at that moment.

I mean, WTF! Why didn't he at least freaking gimme a call to say goodbye!

So I thanked the guy and hung up.

I still have his email, so I sent him a pic of the finished yoga mat and the message that if he can give me his contact info once he's settled in, I can send the mat to him.

I would have really liked to give him the mat in person, but since that's not going to happen, (FedEx) is the next best thing.

So my next project is a verticle striped scarf, because I've always wanted a scarf with verticle stripes :)

It's not good to dwell on the negative. This does mean, that if I ever make anything for anyone ever again, they better not leave town, untill I have a chance to give it to them. Unless they give me a great big hug that is :)

I can never stay angry at anyone for long.


Knit one, purl twenty,
Each stich made with love and heart,
To cover you with.



musikchyck said...

that's so neat! should i start yoga so you can knit me one, too? ;-p

AiYahh said...

wouldn't you rather have a nice scarf or hat instead???

Efren said...

at least she didn't ask for a bikini...

AiYahh said...

strangely enough, i have patterns for a bikini :)

a girl in my knitting group is making one with a star on it, guess where the star is :)

Angie said...

Hello my name is Angie, and I am looking for a knitted yoga mat pattern. do you by any chance still have the pattern for this? my email is thanks for your help. :)

AiYahh said...

Hi Angie, I'm more than happy to help out a fellow knitter, if I can.

I'm sorry to say, I lost the pattern for this yoga mat. I created it while I was at work one day and just worked out the pattern. I'll see if I can find it again, but I've gone through several computer crashes so it's probably lost.

I still have the mat in my possession and am trying to see if I can figure out the pattern.