Thursday, November 17, 2005

Damn it to heck

As a followup to my previous posting of the man in London who tested positive for HIV and then seems to be free of the virus.

The British clinic that initially told him that he had the virus, is now stating that they were in error and that he never had it.

All together now kids,


Andrew Stimpson, the formerly miracle non-HIV infected patient states that he has lost "all confidence" in the clinic.

HIV tests here in the states are extremely accurate. If a test comes back positive initially, another one is done (using another method) immediately to confirm it. This is why false positives are very rare now.

What happened in this case? Without any knowledge of the clinics procedures, your guess is as good as mine. If I were Mr. Stimpson tho, I would use it as a wake up call and look at everything that may have put me at risk, then change what I do.

I'm a little sad actually. I just watched an episode of Gray's Anatomy. A patient has several relatives die from ovarian cancer or breast cancer. The patient decides to have her uterus and ovarian surgically removed now and her breasts at a later time. What was more important, the woman's life or what made her a woman?

In the show, the question was asked, "If a man had a chance to contract testicular cancer, would he cut off his balls?" In essence cut off that part that made him a man. The ability to procreate.

I thought to myself, "Oh HELL YEAH! I want to live!".

Now, what if this HIV cure wasn't a false positive. What would I be willing to give up to stay alive?

Where am I getting at with this post?

I am currently wearing braces and have been for several years now. My friends say that my teeth are all straight, why do I have braces for? Well, my teeth weren't always straight. To be honest, they were never that crooked to begin with, but my teeth had to be perfect in order for me to have jaw surgery. It seems that my jaw joint doesn't fit correctly. Sometimes I won't be able to open my mouth, other times, I can't close it.

I always thought of it as a gift. I was able to open my mouth really wide. I'd be able to eat a really huge sandwich, and yes, really huge cocks. Finding out that something I thought was a gift, was actually a huge problem, really affected my life. There were times when I wasn't able to eat because I couldn't open/close my mouth. I had to do something about it. I decided to have surgery.

What it's going to involve, is that the surgeon is going to make two cuts in my upper jaw. Essentially detaching that portion, then bringing it forward, giving me a little bit of an overbite. I apparently have an underbite. My lower jaw has been overcompensating so much over the years, that it's really developed. Just imagine working out your arms and legs everyday constantly. Think of how big you'd get.

So hopefully, this surgery will correct my problem. My surgery date is scheduled for December 27th, so I'll be able to enjoy one last Christmas before the pain begins. Then it's going to be soup and protein shakes for a while.

The meaning of life
Is it the parts we're made of?
Or actions we do?


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