Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cure for AIDS?

A man in England, Andrew Stimpson, tested positive for HIV in August 2002, but 14 months later, tested negative. He now thinks that his body may have the cure for AIDS.

Wow, if this is true, think of all the rampant bare booty fucking that is going to happen!

I have worked in HIV education and counseling in the past. What really scares me, is that when some goes to get tested for HIV, what the test is actually testing for, isn't HIV, but the body's response to HIV, the antibodies. This is why we have what's called a "window period" of three months. Everyone's bodies is different and it can take someone anywhere from a week and up to three months to produce antibodies to fight the HIV.

What's really sad to me, is that in the past, someone will actually test negative if they took the HIV test, after having tested positive, because it means that their body's defense, the immune system, has been completely destroyed. There is no longer any antibodies being produced for the test to detect.

These people usually die soon after getting that negative test result.

So, I wonder what's happening with Mr. Stimpson. I truly hope that his body contains the magical cure against HIV and that this isn't a case of his body being completely damaged.

In the meanwhile, please stay safe. If you want to go play, try to lower your risk. Use protection. Cum on me, not in me. Make sure you trust the people you play with. Never ever do anything you don't want to do or feel safe in doing.

Magical Bullet
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Can this be for real?



HIV+DaveyBoy said...

If his body cured itself of HIV, I hope doctors can figure out how it was done as he has no idea. I am wondering if maybe his HIV testing results simply got mixed up at the lab or maybe a "false positive"? It's happened before...

I hope he will agree to further tests to figure out how this happened, my son's future (and millions of others, possibly a billion over the next 100 years) may just depend on a cure for HIV/AIDS as his mother and I have AIDS :(

If his body's genetic material contains infomation that we could harness to fight HIV in others (or at least help with a vaccine), should he be forced to go through vigoruos testing? If he believes that he was cured of having HIV for real, why doesn't he just say poke and prod me for awhile to see what you can find out? I would...

This could also be a hoax to somehow disprove that HIV/AIDS exists or is a health threat (there are many AIDS dissidents out there). Maybe a media stunt? I am just too damn cynical (tired of false hopes too)!

Chox said...

"Wow, if this is true, think of all the rampant bare booty fucking that is going to happen!"

Honey, I know where your mind is. ;-)


AiYahh said...

Guilty! What can I say? I'm a horny monogamous bastard ;)