Friday, August 26, 2005

Worms caught

As reported by Computerworld today.

Farid Essebar (18) of Morocco, and Atilla Ekici (21) from Turkey have been placed in police custody. The pair are believed to be responsible for the creation and distribution of the Zotob, Rbot and Mytob worms that hit millions recently.

They were both arrested in their respective countries. Essebar in Morocco and Ekici in Turkey but will not be extradited here to the U.S. where the majority of the damge was done.

Elaborating on the arrests, Reigel said that Essebar, who used the code name “Diablo,” was responsible for writing the worm code, while Ekici, who went by the handle “Coder,” financed the effort.

“The Moroccan had a financial relationship with the Turkish individual,” Reigel said. “We believe that there was financial gain on the part of the Moroccan in relationship to writing the code.”

-end snip

uh Duh.

Essebar was paid by Ekici to write the worm, so of course there's a financial relationship.

The big question here is, "What did Ekici want to accomplish with this worm?"

A stepping stone before taking control of computers worldwide?
A giant SETI server?
Creation of the biggest downloadable source of Net Porn in the history of man?

We'll never know. Turkey and Morocco's laws regarding net crime is pretty lame and I'm pretty sure torture isn't going to be used.

Pity, I guess we might never find out the reason.

The net has become these days.
Filled with worms or not.


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