Monday, August 08, 2005

Got Butt?

A numb one at that! Just ask my friend Chris. This trooper just finished a 24 hour long blogathon this past weekend.

My sister gave birth recently and brought her new baby (my new nephew) home on Saturday. I had the wonderful pleasure of picking him up. It was really cool. I just found out his name, my sister couldn't choose a name at the time, is Ethan. So Etahn was crying in his crib and stopped as soon as I picked him up and craddled him. He stayed in my arms till he fell asleep. I had to keep his brother, Justin, from waking him up. At times like this, I really wished I had a picture of it. I wanted to see if what I was feeling was visible to everyone else.

At night, I went to my friend Oscar's 40th birthday party. I had some kick ass Mexican food in the Mission. The sangria wasn't as tasty as I'd like, but hey, it was free hehehe.

Then it was off to New Wave City for a night of dancing. Stkyrice dropped me off at the club and I met Scott, Tan and Dean inside. We bopped from one room to the other and didn't stop dancing for hours to some great 80's music. Ok, it was only 2 hours. As soon as it hit 12:30AM, I got really tired. I had to stay away from the slower music and head to something that could keep me awake. I ended up in the Green room and sat down on some really comfy love seats. It was the weirdest thing. While I was sitting there, there were all these really attractive women dancing in front of me, shaking their bon bons in my face. If I was straight (or a lesbian), I would've been all over them. But since I wasn't, I just bopped to the music and criticized their outfits, silently in my head of course.

I really wish I had a camera, but there were actually signs posted up, saying that they will take away all cameras and camera phones if you take a picture there. So you'll just have to be there. The clothes were a mix of t-shirt and jeans to stuff from out of a fetish diva's dream closet.

I was wearing a red plaid snap button shirt with jeans and a black braided leather belt. I was wearing a black motorcycle jacket earlier. I was going for the 80's castro leather daddy look and I think I succeeded. I had left the jacket with Stkyrice when he dropped me off and I'm glad I did. The place was a sweatlodge. Before long, I was dripping. Now I understood why people danced the way they did back in the 80's, people just swayed side to side and when they had the energy, they'll do something funky, all thanks to bad / lack of AC!

I made the mistake of getting beer and realized my mistake once I found out how hot the place was. But I'll be damned if I let my beer go to waste! So I drank it slowly :)

At the end of the night, I was sleepy, my legs were tired and my butt was TIGHT from all the dancing.

We all jumped into Dean's pickup and left.

I was asleep by the time Chris started his blogathon. But I was cheering all the way. Hope he heard me over the snoring hehehe. So as my sore butt went to sleep, his was just starting to wake up (before becoming numb)

Sympathetic Pain
We're all connected as one
From my butt to yours


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Chris said...

My Butt was sore for all the sitting I did. ahhaha. I did hear you snore. Kudos for being my biggest sponsor this year. Dinner on me, when we get to hang out again!