Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ebay madness

Check out the link. I don't ever want to hear about how much of a pack rat I am. This woman is soooooo much worse than I could ever be, that if I could, I would go on Ebay and tailor the ad just for her!

I know I like certain things, comics, video games, porn... you know the normal guy stuff. Then throw in gay things, like clothes, toys/stuffed animals, sex toys, bf (J/K) and there you have it, my pile of stuff.

Stkyrice has joked in the past that he's going to get some clean the house / clutter reality show to come here and force me to get rid of my stuff.

I'm going to do it on my own schedule when I'm good and ready.

I need someplace to hide the corpse you know :)

Me: "No officer, I have no idea where my dear husband went. He just told me that he was going to meet some friends for drinks. That was weeks ago. Oh do please be careful, don't disturb that pile of my stuff. It's very....fragile. I wouldn't want you to be caught underneath it."

Officer: "We'll keep you posted and let you know if we find anything. What number should we use to reach you with?"

Me: "Oh just leave a message on my answering machine, I plan on going on a vacation. A long vacation." *hums Diamonds are a girls best friend*

What's clutter to some
May not be clutter to all
Just a savings plan


1 comment:

Efren said...


Just because I can get rid of my stuff doesn't mean I make you do it.

But it WOULD be nice to see the floor once in a while...