Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Where did I put that (blank) again?

So, about two weeks ago I celebrated a friend's birthday and yes there was much drinking involved. The surprising thing is, during the course of the night, I actually sobered up.

I was going to be driving home the birthday girls, who were really enjoying their drinks. I had a few drinks and really loved the names of them. Let's see... there was the Blue Ozone (tasted like a Blue Hawaii), Vicious Virgin (I honestly have no idea waht was in that one, but it tasted like fruit punch), Dirty Girlscout (chocolate hazelnut goodness) and of course bubbly to toast.

I had to stop drinking so I could drive the birthday girls home. They of course didn't stop and had Flaming Dr. Peppers (a shot of Jager lit on fire dropped into a pint of beer), Birthday Cake (I have no idea what's in it, but it seemed tasty), more Jager shots...many more Jager shots. I kinda stopped counting since I was sucking up a diet Coke, that one of the birthday girls ordered and forgot about. Hey, she was busy drinking alcohol!

There was a small dance floor and birthday girl #1 got me on it. The music was pretty sucky, but I learned never to argue (too much) with a half-drunk straight girl that has a crush on you. The crush thing only came out after she had a few drinks. We all met at the gym (great place to meet healthy people) and took a fitness class together. So we've been chatting and cracking each other up for a while. The crush thing kinda surprised me, since I was really open about me being gay and partners with Stkyrice (also in the class).

So there we were dancing, then birthday girl #2 joined us, it was actually pretty fun. There was another group there. They looked like they were wannabe thugsters and were doing a bad job with it. One girl three guys, all can't dance. They were all looking at the three of us dancing and eventually joined in, then a slow song came on. The birthday girls got the DJ/Bartender to put on faster music. I cringed inside when bad hiphop came on. Why do straight bars always play crappy music? So I was glad when friend of birthday girls (who made no secret of how much he wanted to do both of them, at the same time) joined us. I took my chance and escaped. I was able to get some fluids (diet Coke) into me and just chill. I did join them when the song was something I could dance to, but they were all on a alcohol buzz and I wasn't. It was better for them to sweat it out.

So the night went on. There was more dancing... and much more alcohol. Finally, it was time to leave. After arguing with the bartender over the bill, we left. I drove birthday girl #2's car containing both girls to birthday girl #1's place. Birthday girl #2 wasn't looking very good. Kinda green is you know what I mean. I decided to take the fastest, most direct route. I really didn't want to have to smell vomit in an enclosed area. I get enough of that from riding on MUNI.

I'm glad to say, there were no accidents on the ride and birthday girl #2 ran into the restroom. I stayed just long enough to make sure both girls were ok, then I took off for home.

Stkyrice had followed us in his car and we went home.

That was the last time I saw my cell phone.

Flash forward a few days (more like a week) filled with calls to the phone hoping to hear it ring. I am down in L.A. to attend the Anime Expo (which I'll be attending for the next 5 years!), I get a call from my sister on Stkyrice's cellphone. My cell phone was found underneath my car. I mean WTF! I haven't been in my car in months and my cell phone ends up under it?

I'm happy (or sad depending on my mood) to say that my cell phone is now in my possession and is happily being used.

I'm still going to get a Treo 650 (or another new snazzy phone), but I have to save up my pennies to pay for it. I'll probably be switching over to Cingular just for a new phone because my current carrier, T-Mobile, doesn't offer the Treo 650 (although a sales guy told me they would by this Summer, Big fucking liar!).

So take it easy folks and don't make any fairies/gremlins living near you angry at you. Maybe I should leave out a dish or milk for them or something like that.

I'm currently listening to "Boom Boom Boom, let's go back to my room". I love this song, it was my theme song for years :)

Alcohol and girls
Go together forever
And ever, Amen


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Efren said...

good lord, a dish of milk?!

We already have enough cookies and truffles out for them to munch on!